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    Welcome to my photography world. Here, I get a chance to share a few of some of my projects. My hope is to eventually become a visual therapy and appeal to all my fans' artistic cravings. I look forward to a mutual interaction with you all and it is my hope that this platform would serve as a place where you can also relax and enjoy the beauty that photography brings to the soul. My best regards and I hope you enjoy the experience.



Loveline & Divine E-Shoot – Greenbelt, MD (Part Two)

This coming weekend, Loveline and Divine will be celebrating their marriage, so its just right that I blog the part two of their Engagement Photo session. Maryland is already buzzing with arrivals of their friends from all over USA and the world. I have been especially made aware that, his Royal Highness Emmanuel Nojang is already in MD for the big night. Well, am not sure what to make of this because after our 2008 wedding in MD, this is the only other event that I can see a BIG Reunion of friends once again. I wish I could outsource the Loveline/Divine night’s photography just so I can chill and hangout with so many old friends who will be conglomerating in Maryland this weekend…;)  Well, I asked already, and it was a resounding NO…:)

From the day Loveline and Divine approached me about covering this very important moment in their union, I could easily see that these two where not only compatible together; but they both had such a strong love for their tradition. I recall when Divine told me his wife was travelling to Africa to acquire the outfit for their engagement photo session; I wasn’t really sure on the justification of such a trip and financial burden. However, once they arrived the studio on the day of the shoot and all the outfits where revealed, I was immediately sold. The studio changing room looked like a treasure cache of some African Royal Palace. Though my first post of this couple featured just on-location shots, we actually began shooting in the studio. Here are a few of my favorite from the studio collection.

I understand all guest are required to come out in full traditional attire…waoh! I just can’t wait to see how colorful everyone will look in my camera’s view finder. Once again, congratulations to the Forzies.

Are they not just a happy pair…! You can only get this type of reaction from BrinsImage because I have successfully mastered the aesthetic value that background studio music brings into a shot. My surround sound system is always hooked to my android’s Napster player during studio sessions ready to blast your favorite music gendre for that perfect photographic harmony. Trick learned in photography school.

The bond between these two made photographing them effortless. The smiles just kept coming.

He is her Prince – outfit specially selected by Mrs. Forzie just to give him that Royal look. One of my fav…

I must have had 15+ shots just on her once she stepped out of the dressing room with this. She was just beautiful and the outfit was right in every sense.

She asked for a foot massage in the middle of a photoshoot. I was like huh…lol

Well her Prince was ready to halt the session just so she could get her wish… what a way to melt a woman’s heart! Just couldn’t get enough of these lovely couple!

From traditional to contemporary – this pair know how to rock both!

Kidding around, I asked Mr. Forzie to consider insuring his wife’s legs… :0 He quickly said hell no they are PRICELESS and not even Goldman Sachs is big enough to secure such an under writer…! What a smooth guy, just could not stop laughing…:)

The actual invitation of the Forzie celebration – beautifully personalised! This is one of the advantage of retaining BrinsImage, bundling an engagement session to your special event so you could make your literature more personal.

Asanga FidelisJuly 24, 2015 - 10:42 am

Outstanding images there bro

Mkukuma Edjoa EngoMay 4, 2014 - 1:13 am

Where can one buy the Black and gold attire with cap that the gentleman is wearing?

Divine Forzie (Ebony - Mafii)January 20, 2013 - 4:38 am

It was a beautiful day,Loveline and Divine called Brinsley and asked him to come with his camera,he took us to an unknown destination, and the rest is history.The Pictures with the traditional regalia is special to us because, it reminds us of our roots and how culture has eaten deep into the fabric of our society,and it further potrays, how we Love and respect our cultures and no matter where we go we will carry it along,because it’s the corner stone of our genesis.

Lawrence NdzeOctober 3, 2012 - 12:53 pm

Di i love your pic, tell that beautiful girl that she is so sweet, Di take care of her. Larry

AssenMay 30, 2011 - 7:35 pm

these pics are truly very lovely….

Otto MakogeMay 25, 2011 - 7:49 pm

Beautiful couple;beautiful traditional regalia, nice work Brins Image!.

Darren SmithMay 25, 2011 - 5:25 pm

There is no one after you…you’ve exceeded yourself. As always, nice job here again.

Otto MakogeMay 25, 2011 - 5:24 pm

Congratulations Loveline & Divine; beautiful traditional regalia, nice work Brins Image!

Imma PatchaMay 25, 2011 - 11:55 am

Boh! men! you are going places!!! I am so so PROUD of your work!!! Fantastic!
This couple have taken it to a whole new level!!!! very original, especially the Bamenda piece, love their very unique invitation too! beautiful!!!!
Take care dear and do not let even the skies be your stop point!!!!! keep it coming!!!

Victoria RobinsonMay 25, 2011 - 8:31 am

This is breathtaking… I really like your style of photography Brins.

DrevizionMay 25, 2011 - 12:43 am

Nothing but quality from brins image..beautiful couple!!

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