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    Welcome to my photography world. Here, I get a chance to share a few of some of my projects. My hope is to eventually become a visual therapy and appeal to all my fans' artistic cravings. I look forward to a mutual interaction with you all and it is my hope that this platform would serve as a place where you can also relax and enjoy the beauty that photography brings to the soul. My best regards and I hope you enjoy the experience.



The Pridine Show Shoot

The Pridine Show debuts – behind the backdrop of Entertainment, Empowerment and Education. This Eastern Michigan University Journalism alumni and Specs Howard School of Arts graduate brings to your PC quality interviews with no topics nor guest off limits. To launch her show, Ms. Pridine contacted me to help get her photo portfolio for the show’s web presence which should be launching soon. A few people are still having difficulty justifying my fee for personal photo sessions. I hope this post helps satisfy those doubts.

The single most important reason why I would want to take anyone’s photograph is because it opens up one more opportunity for me to get creative. Because  I consider photography an Art, creatively percieving each session remains an integral part of that process. Its thesame reason why I always apologies to some clients why I am not able to take just one or two portraits of them. This post is just one example of how a photo session with me goes. A session like this involves quite a bit of planning and includes multiple locations for an aesthetic addition to the final product. Pridine and I began planning about two months ago. We started off by understanding what her theme was. Once that was established, I then considered possible locations to match that theme, monitored the weather and sun intensity to ensure proper image ‘temperature’. With her make-up and outfits decisions finalised, all we had left was execution.

I share with you below a few images from her file. You can watch a sneek peak of her first interview here.

We shot at the National Harbor in Maryland, the Jefferson Memorial located at the tidal basin in Washington, DC including the studio.


KelenDecember 1, 2011 - 9:53 pm

Wow…love the colors. Nice Brins Image

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