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    Welcome to my photography world. Here, I get a chance to share a few of some of my projects. My hope is to eventually become a visual therapy and appeal to all my fans' artistic cravings. I look forward to a mutual interaction with you all and it is my hope that this platform would serve as a place where you can also relax and enjoy the beauty that photography brings to the soul. My best regards and I hope you enjoy the experience.



My Reflections of 2011- Part One!

Yes… she actually took all the shots above…! A lil scared handling the camera…:)but she did incredibly well!

My couture for this shoot was specially designed by these two fashion gurus! The brains behind the 4JCOUTURE brand!

In Charlotte, NC about to board a private jet for a business trip to Europe. These duo took me for a last minute flight to put final touches to their latest design before their much acclaimed run way show in the United States. Check out the Red Carpet pics of that event HERE

Stole this private moment as they remotely skyped with a business partner in Paris! Next Run-Way is schedulled March 3rd in North Carolina! They always fly me 1st class and pay for any extra luggage which I always do have cuz of the amount of gear I haul along; so guess what…I am locked in as that event’s official photog! But, not sure who these guys are? Listen here for what drives them.

The Queen of Kelly Weddings & Decor – She’s got the best work ethics ever. Every shoot with her as the planner is a guaranteed hassle FREE for BrinsImage!

With the ever elegant King of Kelly Weddings & Decor. Many may not know; but Mr. Takusi is also a professional Master of Ceremony. He helped the Bikundi count down to 2011 last year and has locked me in again for another beautiful evening of elegance and partying at the Bikundi mansion coming up in just under seven days!

Thought you’ve seen an extreme photoshoot? Think again! These two pics are straight from a recent shoot we did for her “Moroccan Themed” b’day coming up in a few weeks! You may now put your browser on “auto refesh” …:)cuz her shoot is posting soon and its one you wouldn’t want to miss!

We will be starting the day with a shoot at the spa with her girls…! Spa I asked? She said yea…well I guess in this niche you learn to expect the unexpectable and that’s actually why I like FTK’s events because there is always something new. Shooting her birthday in a few weeks, am definately in for the surprise…:)

We took this at a recent event “Konnected by FTK.

Emies Design needs no introduction! Check out her web presence here!

Just a sample of Emies Design’s creativity. Every concept from her has never disappointed for a nice decor makes for incredible pictures. Once she puts the last petal in place, all am left with is bring in my lights and bring everything to life.

With fashion personality whose taste for the fabric would make a statement on any and everyone – Ade actually dressed me for the KAWA Red Carpet Gala & Appreciation night below. Thanks for the perfect fitting, love the tie!

This DJ will rock your party non-stop! He is both internationally renowned and one of DMV’s finest. He is locked in for a destination wedding I will be shooting in Canada later this year.

I can’t wait to see this Disc Jockey send those Canadians through the roof with his impressed play with both the mic and Mac mixer. He can be reached at 301.254.8571

The maestro, DJ Eric, one of the only DJ with the most connection with some of the major music makers and in the world. His talent on the machine and his choice of gendre is infectious. Call him at 240.478.9945

With DJ Soupamodel – my first ever listening to a female DJ! This sister is stylishly smooth at the mixer. She took this party from soultry “desert” melodies as the guest trickled in to a hyped all out jamming crowd all with just the right choice of music gendre. I was madly impressed!

In the shot above, we were checking out the shot below on my SLR screen! I love shooting my DJs, they make very beautiful portraits all the time!

Thanks Dunia Magazine for featuring BrinsImage in your Nov. 2010 – Feb.2011 issue. It was very humbling to be interviewed by your editor; especially talking about how BrinsImage was born.  BrinsImage is very appreciative and we will always be here for you, to support your photography needs. We are always glued with anticipation toward your next issue because your stories are very educative and always showcases the everyday human aspect of life which many readers can truely relate to. BrinsImage will always remain a fan. Renewing our subscription every year is without a doubt and always certain.

The Pridine Show was recently granted a behind the scene all access to a few BrinsImage location sessions for an upcoming documentary about the person behind the BrinsImage lense. Her goal once she approached me for an interview was to understand what actually fuels my passion for the Camera. Stay tuned to her Facebook page for a release date.

Here she interviews one of my April 2012 wedding couples, The Michelles! Sample pix of their engagement session could be seen on the blog and the BrinsImage facebook page!
Recently was invited to her studio located in Maryland, USA for a photography assignment as she debuted the taping of her show which is surrounded around the theme: Education, Empowerment & Entertainment

This Eastern Michigan University Journalism alumni and Specs Howard School of Arts graduate will soon bring to your PC quality interviews with no topics nor guest off limits.To launch her web presence which should be oficially released soon, she contacted BrinsImage for an editorial photo session. Click for a sample of that session here!


At the Pridine studio is a phenominal multitalented artist whose history stems from way back when  she wrote her first song at the tender age of nine – Naomi Achu

This interview was about her just released album titled ‘Positive Energy’. I was privilaged to attend the official album release party in Maryland, USA. Sneak pix of that sold out event could be seen here!

The Technical Director behind the cameras at Pridine studio is one of DC’s acclaimed videographer and producer Vis of VIS ENTERTAINMENT! He is the man behind the camera on Naomi’s “Alhadji” music video!
My partner, the man behind DreVizion! With him watching my back at any function, you can pretty much guaranttee a complete coverage from every angle!

At an event in Richmond, VA. Just talking to someone, I was unaware he had his telephoto on me. The candidness of the shot just make it appealing, a perfect example why I will shoot with him anytime everytime!

My partner, the man behind Leader Pictures! With over 10yrs in the field, he is a definate assert. Thanks for being there through the years!
Playing with a 500mm Nikkor telephoto lens at the PDN International Photo Expo in New York. It was a fun trip despite the rain. Thanks for the very hot lunch and dinner…:)

At the PDN International Photo Expo in New York: Dre having a laugh with Junior. What most people might not know is that BrinsImage and Drevision are actually mentoring three very focused up coming photographers!

Am in much admiration for their drive in photography. This was a BrinsImage sponsored trip and am very happy for being able to expose these three guys to the real world of photography and what it really means to be a photographer. They all now know that its and “ART” and not just another hubby!
Impressed by the progress of JM Photography. Check out his work here!

Returning from New York, he instantly became the man behind ZMvisionz and he is also my Godson! Can’t be anymore proud!

Great working with Leonard. I always look forward to his behind the scene candid shots. He actually took all of the next four shots.

All my 2011 brides know I wouldn’t hesitate getting dirty for that perfect shot! I can hear them still asking “what are you doing…”:)


The shot below was captured by him at a beautiful Court Wedding Ceremony in Richmond, VA

BLB – the most sought after MC in every circle I have been. Even I could not resist but fly him across the atlantic to MC our wedding! Still think that’s crazy, just here him speak here! In a recent passing of one of the most highly respected and admired woman in Cameroon, whose commitement for her country and benevolent works could be felt across the entire nation, I contacted BLB for a narative of her eulogy. To say the least, I was personally transfixed once the final product came out of Dream Recording Studio. Until you listen to his oratory as he spoke of this wonderful woman can you relate to how I felt! Because he hates to be in the spotlight, am not able to say his name nor share his contact info. I you are interested in his services, just send me a quick text or call (001)301.806.3602 and I will put you in contact with him.

Thanks Anze for assisting at my recent prenatal session. Many might not be aware that most of my location sessions require assistance in order to pull off the types of photos you see on!

View more pix of the studio here!

Yes, I primarily shoot Nikon… here with are just a few of my gear.

The lens featured here is probably my everyday all purpose use lens. Its just one of many all of which are premium lenses.

I love candid moments because I think they make the most appealing unposed shots. From photography school, I learned that people are more relaxed when they feel nobody is watching. So to give my subjects a more relaxed environment without invading their personal space, I usually go for my telephoto lens and shoot from quite a good distance.

This lens is not only fast but its images are crystal sharp. The shot above is a perfect example of how I put her in best use. So having multiple lenses for different situations is very important depending on what my final goal is.

Another perfect scenario where choice of lense becomes important. Here, I wanted to capture the Koranteng family as they were discussing on the family budget just as we were almost rounding up their recent Christmas home session. I could have easily zoomed for a close shot but I thought a wide angle lense capturing the office but also another section of the house would be more appealing.

Just as I was about to hit the shutter, their oldest daughter ran into the frame, adding a family feel to this pic. Although it wasn’t planned, I thought her being in that corner took this shot from ‘great’ to ‘awesome’ for me.

Checkout a canon only shoot I did a while ago here.

Finally, checked the mail last week and was surprised what I found… my official certificate. Looking back, its the single most influential decision that shaped my understanding of the physics surrounding photography and how each contributing factor affect the overall quality of the image.

Below is one of if not the best practical photography instructor you will ever meet. At the time when I was struggling to put what I had learned in theory to practice, I signed up to his class!

He is not only very knowledgeable, he was actually a wedding photographer before branching to instructing. Here is one of my very first photos I took of him during my training. As expected its not that good ~ under exposed and quite blurry! Sorry Okello, had to use this one…:)

We actually met at a Starbucks coffee shop and we were just three then. Now his classes are held in much bigger hotel banquet type halls and are litterally sold out most of the time.

I truely credit him for helping me understand my camera alot better and faster. Below are two more shots I took of us in practice.

Thank God for  a great 2011 Photography year! Special thanks to all who enthrusted their photo needs to BrinsImage for you all are the reason I do this, to help preserve your memories!

Thanks for taking the time to read my Photographic Reflections of 2011. part two of my reflections would be based on the role my family played once I began nursing this rather passion of mine. Below is the newest addition to the BrinsImage series of prime equipment – the Nikon D3x. She is my personal gift to all my 2012 couples as she comes with tons of power and speed. You can read more of its specs here for photo enthused!

FTKJanuary 3, 2012 - 9:48 am

wow this has got to be the BEST blog EVER!!! I love!!! You are creative and talented – May God continually bless the works of your hand! Awesome – 2 thumbs way up!

YvonneJanuary 2, 2012 - 12:17 pm

You compliment our work…you’re the best!!!!!!!!!
Happy New Year!
your friends at KWD.

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