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    Welcome to my photography world. Here, I get a chance to share a few of some of my projects. My hope is to eventually become a visual therapy and appeal to all my fans' artistic cravings. I look forward to a mutual interaction with you all and it is my hope that this platform would serve as a place where you can also relax and enjoy the beauty that photography brings to the soul. My best regards and I hope you enjoy the experience.



Feyikemi’s Pre-Birthday Bash Shoot!

She turns a new leaf with a new appreciation of not only life but a special culture as well. Feyikemi will celebrate her birthday this weekend in the company of some of her closest friends and family in what I believe would be my first most colorful event I would cover this year. As an event planner herself and her tendency to think outside of the box, it was no surprise that she conceived an Indian themed shoot with a Moroccan twist to celebrate herself and to be thankful for the gift of life.

These few shots gives an insight on how her session went.

Congrats Feyi and I look forward to bringing your evening alive in a comprehensive photojournal!

Much thanks to Dre of DreVizion for helping out!

She actually asked for this location after seeing it on a prior post on this blog


My blog is a good starting point to decide on the type of session to go for.

And just to add, all my sessions are completely replicable once all other contributing factors outside of my personal skills such as the weather are met.



It was nice to have her hubby show up – I think his presence brought out a little more edgyness out of her…:)Just my observation Feyi, sorry…lol!

We threw in a product & branding session ~ check it out here

In Branding Photography, its important to capture both the “Brand” with just the right personality to go with.
The shots above & below achieve just that.

Driving your attention to the ‘Brand” ~ beautifully accomplished in the shot above with just the right use of “Depth of Field”

Custom embroidered by “Kre8tiv Embroidery

A more contemporary outfit with her coordinator for a more professional feel.



This was to showcase FTK’s professional presentation once your event begins.
Check them out at an event here

The coordinator of Feyi’s Birthday Bash ~ Andrea Adeusi!

We finished off with her friends who showed up to support her.
She specifically asked for a street shot which I managed to pull off here despite the heavy winds – thanks Pridine for helping with lighting for this shot.

Actually broke one of my equipment just to capture this, the price I some time have to pay when a request is made…:) Am always inclined to deliver to my clients regardless of presenting conditions. It was a very busy street with very high winds and passing cars. I had just seconds to grab the shot.

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