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    Welcome to my photography world. Here, I get a chance to share a few of some of my projects. My hope is to eventually become a visual therapy and appeal to all my fans' artistic cravings. I look forward to a mutual interaction with you all and it is my hope that this platform would serve as a place where you can also relax and enjoy the beauty that photography brings to the soul. My best regards and I hope you enjoy the experience.



Say a Prayer for Oklahoma :(

Once you start hearing reports of a tragic event, the first natural reaction is to hope no life is lost cuz you can always replace property. With the lives lost in the recent tragedy in Oklahoma, one can’t help but feel sorry for the grieving families. Was first alerted to the turn of events in that city by my wife when she said “There is a terible tragedy in Oklahoma, please call Laura and Stanley to find out if they are OK!” I immediately turned on the TV and sure there was something terribly wrong. Placed a call to Stanley and Laura and unfortunately none of them came to the phone. My anxiety grew even more. Thankfully, I got a return call from him confirming that they were ok but that its unfortunate one of the location we visited for their Pre-Weddiing Photo Session was completely wiped away.

I can only imagine how painfull this maybe for the family whom I got to learn had owned and ran the ranch for four decades – passed on from generation to generation. I can’t help but hope that nobody was hurt and that the horses where ok. This place is just about 10miles from where my wedding couple live. God Bless Oklahoma in this difficult time and we all PRAY you come through this even STRONGER!

I took these images just last March!

You need to see this little Princes ride a horse – she amazed me:)

Heading off to the trail …

Returning from the trail…

Got some more incredible images from this location – with my very busy schedule, I hope I find the time to share them! Be SAVE Oklahoma !


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