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    Welcome to my photography world. Here, I get a chance to share a few of some of my projects. My hope is to eventually become a visual therapy and appeal to all my fans' artistic cravings. I look forward to a mutual interaction with you all and it is my hope that this platform would serve as a place where you can also relax and enjoy the beauty that photography brings to the soul. My best regards and I hope you enjoy the experience.



The 4J Couture Project


Welcome to the 4JCouture Project

AGENCY: IHI Modeling (contact – Nicky Freeman)

MODELS: Jerimiah, David & Puneet



Perspective shooting – It takes alot of planning, thoughtfulness and physiological demand on the body’s cardio system  to not only haul the needed gear to pull off a session such as this but also  the right skills on how to perceive your outcome before you actually hit that shutter. You would see me panning an area first, sometime days before your session just so I get that right combination of factors (weather, lighting, theme and location) to creat your image.

Our last location stop was the beautiful 7th Street business stretch downtown Washington. I choosed this location for our night shot because of its colorful lighting as my client needed a theme that would show the party glamour of the 4J summer release blazers. My goal was to capture the buzzling night life on the background while conveying the message of how the 4J brand would enhance every man’s look on that nice summer date.

I stopped counting how many ladies begged just to have a photo with the models. Below are just two of my favorites. At one point it kindof got out of hand as I was pressed with time in order to catch up with a scheduled skype conference call with the team of Cameroon Echoes Magazine for a future project. Thanks Dre for controlling the crowd…;)


The following 9 shots are courtesy of Dre. Thanks for coming to assist!

To finish up, we stopped at the studio for a few shots of some new 4J products. My past clients would aggree with me that I am a keen proponent of an all inclusive photo experience. Despite some request for a single studio portraiture, my style just does not subscribe to taking single studio shots because I think thats better done by regular passport-size type  studios. Though I regularly finish my sessions with a quick studio shot, my passion is theme and location photography, the reason for my fees.

Dummea VincentApril 24, 2011 - 9:28 pm

Great job, we can’t wait to work with you again you have an amazing talent. The IHI Models look wonderful if anyone wants to book some great models check us out at and email us at

Dummea VIncentApril 24, 2011 - 9:25 pm

Great job, we can’t wait to work with you again you have an amazing talent. The IHI Models look wonderful if anyone wants to book some great models check us out at and email us at

RoseApril 20, 2011 - 4:55 pm

What???? This is straight-up HOLLYWOOD!I love love love love it! The background music makes viewing the pix even more pleasing.

Valery ForchuApril 20, 2011 - 2:18 pm

Brinsimage has gradually transform into an epitomy of perfection.Your professionalism and the image you take is indeed a sanctity of imagination and excellent craftsmanship.Kudos.

DrevizionApril 20, 2011 - 12:00 pm

We nailed it perfectly bro. This is Art at its best right now..

Junior MandeApril 20, 2011 - 10:20 am

wow!! Oouuuff! Words can’t explain how much I love this. It’s simply beautiful. The Master at his work. Point Blank Period. This blog is unbelievable. Kudos Mr. Brinsly Job well done.

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